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Our Senior Designer Mr. Wu Yongsong

Designer: Wu Yongsong

Graduated School: Department of art and design, Fujian Agriculture And Forestry University, studying in the Visual Communication Department of China Central Academy of Fine Art.

Main Experience: Joined the Beijing Yezhifeng Decoration in 2005 and mainly engaged in indoor, hotels, office buildings, villas interior design. In 2009, joined the Baojiang Decoration of Xiamen Lugong group, and mainly engaged in the interior space planning and design of villas and high-end buildings and served until now in the treasurer decoration high-end headquarters studio.

Style & Concept: people-oriented, with nature as a unity, simple and bright, and turning the traditional culture of the content into a modern concept of thinking, planning a modern intelligent living space.

Main Works: Nanan Benke Electric, Yacht Group, Clean Energy Plant of Shide, Haydn Mansion, Hotel Design, KTV Design, Fuzhou Wulongjiang Riverside Villa Flagrant Camphor Forest Villa, Sceneway Terrace - Yunfeng Villa, etc.
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