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Our Senior Designer Mr. Li Yangjun

Deputy Design Director: Li Yangjun

Graduated School: Art and Design Department of Jiangsu Art and Design School
Design Sentiment: Life imitates design and design changes life

Years of Service: 14 years

Preferred Style: New Chinese style, American style, European style decoration, European neoclassical, Southeast Asian style, post modernist

Design In'sights: Advocating nature, pursuing the structure of the space and the nature of the furniture, simple shape, soft colors, harmonious structure, abandoning the overelaborated, refusing the trivial, assimilating into the essence of various cultural elements, simple, comfortable, warm and high grade of private space style

Main Works: Yuan Bai village, Haydn mansion, Hedi Bay, Hongwan homeland, Spring building, villas in Quanzhou, etc.

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