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Xiamen Lugong Group is located in the beautiful coastal city - Xiamen of China and has become a large building group enterprise with seven ‘specialized companies engaging in seven industries: civil engineering, steel structure, industrial decoration, engineering equipments, mechanical and electrical installation, medical purification, trade and investment, and wholly holds the following subsidiary companies:
Xiamen Lugong Group Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Baojiang Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Jinxiada Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Lugong Medical Technology Co., Ltd. 
Xiamen Lugong Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. 
Xiamen Lugong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Lugong Construction Service Co., Ltd.

The company possesses almost all necessary professional qualifications in architecture, decoration and medical purification fields, such as the first class qualification for building decoration engineering contractor, the second class qualification for building construction engineering general contractor, the second class qualification for municipal public projects general contractor, the second class qualification for building mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering contractor, the second class qualification for urban and road lighting engineering contractor, the second class qualification for steel structure engineering contractor, the second class qualification for environmental protection engineering contractor, the third class qualification for equipment installation and maintenance engineering, the third class qualification for air purification engineering, the second class qualification for architectural decoration engineering design, the permit for installation, reconstruction and maintenance of pressure piping, the qualification for pressure piping engineering design, and the business license of meidical equipments.
For decades, with the unremitting efforts of all staff, the company has become a large group enterprise with annual turnover of more than 300 million yuan, registered capital of more than 50 million yuan and more than 200 talented staffs and workers including a large number of professional and experienced design engineers and technicians. With the well-trained engineering team and customer service team, the company has got a wide favorable reception around the customers and the society.
Development and Revitalization is the company's objective, and Keep going steadily is the company's work style. In recent years, the company made a big stride with the unremitting efforts of all staff based on the existing achievements, and rapidly won the praise of the customers and the quality inspection departments inside and outside the Fujian province.

Since the establishment, the company has been constantly seeking new business growth points, and made a number of honorary achivements in dozens of fields such as building construction, municipal public projects, indurstrial and hotel decoration, electrical and mechanical equipment installation, medical purification projects and steel works etc., and accumulated a number of precious construction experience and mastered a variety of new construction technology.

Over the years, Xiamen Lugong Group adhered to the service principle "Quality First, Customers First", followed the work attitude "Quality, Efficient, United and Dedicated", and implemented a large number of high-quality engineering projects for the society. For the future, the company will continue to strictly control quality, persue credit, seek growth points, strengthen the quality awareness of employees from top level management to bottom level ordinary employee through the technical education and knowledge assessment, improve all rules and regulations, and then largely enhance the reputation of the enterprise.
Talent is the key to the enterprise development. In order to seek for a long-term development, the company already established the talent pool, and will keep doing it and try our best to make the right person in the right job, and finally make the company more competative domestically and internationally.