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Xiamen Baojiang Decoration Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Baojiang Decoration Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Xiamen Lugong group, mainly engaging in decoration business of hotels, office buildings, villas and other industries. Xiamen Baojiang Decoration Co. Ltd. is adhering to the business philosophy of "quality first, reputation first", to meet customer potential demand through service innovation, to change the original construction mode through technological innovation, to improve the construction quality through process innovation so as to avoid customer service problems easily occurred in the use of the owners,to reduce intermediate links through the uniform distribution of material and eliminate fake materials into the construction site, to reduce the construction cost through the assembly mode of factory production, and gradually replace the individual operation of the human work, and through innovative business ideas to make company gradually standardized, refined, process-oriented and scientific.

With the rapid development of decoration industry, Xiamen Baojiang Decoration Co., Ltd. will embrace the future, and carry forward with the spirit of "Keep pace with the times, pursue excellence with the heart", with the perfect service system, the high-quality projects, the market-oriented development and the diversified business philosophy, to create a more brilliant tomorrow.

Site Link: www.xmbaojiang.com

Xiamen Lugong Group holds the following companies:
Xiamen Lugong Group Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Baojiang Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Lugong Electromechanical Engineering Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Jinxiada Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Lugong Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
Quanzhou Lugong Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Lugong Construction Service Co., Ltd.

Business Scope:
1. Construction of exquisite room, hotel, club and villa
2. Construction of office buildings and commercial space
3. Construction of glass curtain wall
4. Construction of steel structure
5. Construction of urban landscaping and ancient buildings
6. Construction of building intelligent and electronic engineering
7. Construction of central air conditioning and HVAC engineering
8. Construction of fire fighting and smoke control engineering construction
9. Decoration advertising design and production
10. Construction of urban and road lighting and nightscape
11. Construction of sports venues and facilities
12. Construction of mechanical and electrical equipment and hydropower engineering
13. Wholesale and retail: decorative materials, plumbing equipment, hardware, bathroom, electrical materials
(Some of the above business may require permission and can only be operated after the permission from the relevant department is obtained)